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Store safely your Passwords with Password Lock Manager!

Posted by Crovy on February 25, 2014

Store safely your Passwords with Password Lock Manager!

With Password Lock Manager you can store all your passwords, i.e. credit cards and ATM PIN codes, ID and USERS codes in a single encrypted file which can be read only from you both through your Android device and through your PC with an also available free Desktop version which runs on Windows, MacOsX and Linux.

You will not have to remember all your passwords or write them down in the utmost unsafe places, or repeat the same ones in different situations, or use too easy – thus weak – passwords in order to crack them easily.

You will be asked to remember only the password (decryption key) which is required to open Password Lock Manager encrypted file; as a result you will not forget any password ever!

Password Lock Manager was designed in order to grant you the maximum security degree as well as a very simple use.

Password Lock Manager encrypts files by using the Blowfish algorithm, one of the most secure algorithms ever (similar to the famous AES-256), but more performing and – since it uses less memory – is the better solution for mobile devices.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Categories (grouping) management for a better classification of your passwords;
  • Each password entry is made up of:
    • Category;
    • Title;
    • User ID;
    • Password;
    • Email (associated to the account);
    • Website URL;
    • Expiry date;
    • Notes (multi lines text);
    • Creating date;
    • Modification date;
  • You can manage more than one file. I.e. you can create a file containing your wife’s or husband’s or children’s passwords, as well as passwords used in your workplace;
  • You can create all the “categories” and “passwords” you wish, limitless;
  • For each password you can also define its expiry date (easily recognizable by a stroked text);
  • Your files will be stored on your device: our server is not engaged;
  • Your files can be synced to the other Android devices or to your Desktop through Dropbox;
  • It also includes a generator of strong passwords and can control the quality of your passwords;
  • You can start the browser with the precompiled Website field directly from the selected password, copying User ID and Password in the clipboard or using Android notifications to later copy User ID and Password in the clipboard;
  • Timer which automatically clears clipboards and notifications;
  • Timer which automatically locks the App when not used;
  • Search on all passwords fields;
  • Multi language, at the moment available in Italian and English;
  • Backup of the modified files;
  • Ability to import xml file (through Desktop software) exported from other similar products as:
  • Different visualization between smart phone and tablet;
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